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Testimonial Picture of Jeanne (1)
Testimonial Picture of Jeanne (2)
“Amazing 4 month transformation! ”

Jeanne Barr discovered that consistency and clean eating were the key to her amazing 4 month transformation! I hired the talented PT – Leslie Keats to take this client to new heights and as you can see, no one was disappointed! Total Loss: 19 pounds, 18.75 inches and over 10% body fat! Congratulations Jeanne!

Testimonial Picture of Sharon (1)
Testimonial Picture of Sharon (2)
“Tracy helped me accomplish things I NEVER would have on my own”

I just want to say how much I appreciate Tracy and all she’s done for me this past year. She’s helped me accomplish things I NEVER would have even attempted on my own . With Tracy walking beside me as a trainer and a friend, I came out looking and feeling better than I have most of my life! She truly has a gift and I am privileged to know her and have her as my trainer.

Testimonial Picture of Holly (1)
Testimonial Picture of Holly (2)
“What a privilege it is to work with Tracy”

My continued training with Tracy has changed my outlook on fitness; I look forward to our sessions and value every moment of activity that I am privileged to have. Tracy is the perfect combination of motivation and inspiration, knowledge and compassion. I literally believe Tracy can motivate change any ‘body‘.

I now understand the value of fitness, I altered my lifestyle to accommodate a life long change, adaptation is essential in all aspects of life; Tracy facilitates this constant adaptation to help remove barriers to move me toward my ideal body and health design. Among several other benefits, my confidence throughout all aspects of my life has increased exponentially.


Testimonial Picture of Jenna Laird (1)
Testimonial Picture of Jenna Laird (2)
“ I quickly learned that “can’t” wasn’t in my vocabulary”

Tracy helped me change a lifestyle that I wasn’t happy with to living a healthy lifestyle and feeling great!  I had minimal motivation to go to the gym and had no idea what healthy eating was. Tracy taught me the keys to living a balanced lifestyle and something that I will be able to maintain for the rest of my life.  Working with Tracy isn’t a “twice a week” session, every day she motivated and empowered me in some sort of way, knowing she always had my back encouraged me to MOVEDAILY! I looked forward to every session with Tracy; her workouts were always exciting and pushed me to always do better.  I’m now focused on what I want my life to look like thanks to Tracy!

Jenna Laird
Testimonial Picture of Wendy (1)
Testimonial Picture of Wendy (2)
“Real results with lasting changes”

This was a very empowering experience at the age of 42 and as a breast cancer survivor, I found new ways to feel good about my body and celebrate life. I learned a lot about food and I saw my body change in ways that I had never imagined possible. I now had clearly defined abs, was a size 4 and at less than 20% body fat I felt much more confident about myself which comes across in everything I do including my personal and professional relationships. I think the highlight of the process was when two months out from competition I had a women come up-to me in the gym and ask me how I got my shoulder’s to look like “that” and asked if I was a professional athlete. I told her I had “shoulders by Tracy”. If you want real results and lasting changes I highly recommend this challenge and Tracy Steen to get you there.

Testimonial Picture of Dave (1)
Testimonial Picture of Dave (2)
“Never going back to the old Dave! ”

Dave decided in early January that enough was enough! He felt like crap and was tired of being unhealthy. He made a commitment to change and the KEY for Dave was staying consistent. The reason why Dave was successful was because he was consistent! He had more “on” days than “off” days. Now that his 3 month journey is over, Dave informs me that he is NEVER going back to the “old” Dave! We have found him a way of eating and exercising that is SUSTAINABLE for the long haul…and that too is the KEY!