how to set up a home gym

There are so many benefits to doing your daily fitness at home! One of the greatest benefits is that it saves time. I know most of us could use a few more hours on the clock anyway, so why not shave off 1/2 hour of driving to and from the gym, and try a new regime of working out at home?

I know that for me part of the deterrent is that I don’t feel as motivated in my home as I do when I go out to the gym. I see the laundry, I think I should vacuum the floor, I remember that the windows need cleaning, etc. When I see other things that need my attention, my motivation wanes and I get distracted.


Here are a few ways to combat that:

    1. Choose the same time. If you decide to exercise at home, make it a part of your schedule, say Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am. Then slot it in to your calendar. The goal is to make it routine, something that you would miss if you didn’t do it.
    2. Be prepared with a workout plan. If you go into your workout space but have no idea what you are doing, or what muscles you need to work on, you won’t feel as obliged to get it done. For example, I train Upper Body on Monday, HIIT Cardio on Tuesday, Wednesday -off, Lower Body and Abs on Thursday, Glutes on Friday. If I know that glutes are coming on Friday (and I want to improve that area), I won’t miss it because I won’t work them again until the following week. 
    3. Create a fun space away from view of chores. If you don’t enjoy the space you work out in, chances are you won’t want to go there (like a dingy, dark, cold basement). Add some plants, colorful yoga mats, music and create a space you love. 
    4. Invest in some equipment.  When setting up a home gym you don’t need a lot of items, truly you don’t. On my YouTube channel, I have hundreds of videos all without equipment. That being said, I do a lot of weight lifting too.  I feel it is important to frequently bear weight on my muscles and joints. You can get all of that with a simple set of dumbbells.  Below is my video where I walk you through my picks for a Level 1,2 or 3(Beginner, Moderate, Advanced) gym. Again, it doesn’t have to be expensive or intricate (although it could be if you choose). Check out my video and consider all the gains you will have when you start working out at home!