4 Week Melt Away On Line Program


The Only Way To Change Your Health For Good Without Struggling On A Diet

What This Program Includes:

  • Starting March 1st, you will receive an email from us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each email will contain the following:
    • A video workout. similar to this one Sexy Arms Workout .
    • At the end of each video, you will receive nutritional coaching and clean eating advice. We will look at everything from creating better strategies in your meal planning, to how “why we eat” is often more critical than “what we eat”. You will receive a recipe.

Finally, we feel it is critical to your overall health as a person to always be looking at the concept of increasing your wellness.  Therefore, your email will include ways to increase wellness in your life. From establishing your morning routine to increasing your emotional intelligence

Together let’s melt away negative body image issues, poor nutrition habits, the false stories that we tell ourselves, and that extra weight we have been carrying around. It’s like having your own personal trainer for the whole month!


It’s not about being skinny.

Do you look at the fitness pictures rolling by on facebook and feel stuck? Have you gained weight recently and no matter what you try, nothing works?  Do you feel shame about where your body and health is at and do you berate yourself for letting it get that way?

What if you could find a systematic approach to help you develop a healthy lifestyle that you could stick with forever?

I have had clients who have tried it all.  People so desperate to lose weight and get fit that they attempt programs that are not sustainable in the long run. They restrict until the point that they can’t take it anymore and then they binge until they feel so guilty that they restrict once again.

They stay in the same patterns of behaviour by jumping from diet to diet and signing up for the gym but never going. They know what unhealthy feels like. It can feel

  • hopeless
  • inadequate
  • sad
  • lonely
  • desperate
  • embarrassing  
  • deeply shameful.

I have coached hundreds of clients away from the fad diets and programs and into being curious about their patterns of behaviour and to increasing compassion for themselves along this journey to health.

I truly believe that it is possible for you to make an internal shift around your relationship with food and exercise and instead of being all or nothing, you cultivate a balance that actually increases your wellness, not makes you feel guilty about it.

Imagine the change you would experience if you:

  • viewed your body with love and compassion
  • if you felt fit and strong
  • if you felt energized by the nutritious food you ate.

The way you would walk into a room would be different. Your interactions with others would shift. The voices in your head would be kinder to you and when you looked at yourself in a mirror you would like what you see.

A lot of my clients are in the middle of the process. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is a journey of looking at the stories we tell ourselves and really examining what it is we want and what barriers are getting in the way of that.

Here is what past clients have to say about working with Move Daily:

“I was so overwhelmed by all the information about different types of exercise programs, I couldn’t figure out where to start. I just wanted to shut off my brain and focus on getting it done and working with Tracy allowed me to do that. She gave me new and interesting workouts like the 500, 1 minute and Tabata but most of all, she gave me someone to commit to. Of course the other key to weight loss is diet and here Tracy made me face some of the lies I’d been telling myself, like rice crackers are diet food and a skinny latte is healthy. She forced me to get real about what it was going to take to lose weight, like eating way more vegetables and less carbs, cutting out evening eating and planning better. Writing down what you are eating and committing to someone makes you very aware of your weaknesses which makes it easier to see where you need to put in the work.

And work it is my friends. For those of us that did not grow up on exercise and healthy eating it is a daily struggle but I can attest to the fact that it is worth it. So far I have lost 30 pounds and feel like myself again. I still struggle with fitting exercise into my day and snacking after work but the best part about having been successful is that you know, once you commit fully, it will happen again.”


“Tracy Steen is truly a fantastic trainer, not only will she train, inspire and encourage you to reach your goals, she gets to know the whole you mentally, emotionally and physically.   She has helped me to love myself, put myself first and the importance of “Moving Daily.”

When she is not training with you, she is checking in with you, to ensure you are on track or need some encouragement.

Her passion for fitness, health and wellness shows up at every session with her diverse workouts and always pushing me just a little harder!”


“I quickly learned that “can’t” wasn’t in my vocabulary. Tracy helped me change a lifestyle that I wasn’t happy with to living a healthy lifestyle and feeling great!  I had minimal motivation to go to the gym and had no idea what healthy eating was. Tracy taught me the keys to living a balanced lifestyle and something that I will be able to maintain for the rest of my life.  Working with Tracy isn’t a “twice a week” session, every day she motivated and empowered me in some sort of way, knowing she always had my back encouraged me to MOVE DAILY! I looked forward to every session with Tracy; her workouts were always exciting and pushed me to always do better.  I’m now focused on what I want my life to look like!”


  • Do you want a healthy body that you love?
  • Do you want healthy insides?
  • Do you want to provide nutritious food for yourself and your family?
  • Do you want peace within?
  • Do you want a better relationship with food?
  • Do you want to a balanced approach to wellness?
  • Do you want joy and happiness in abundance?
  • Do you want strategies to making it all stick?

Here at Move Daily Fitness, we believe that a full and healthy life resonates around 3 elements: Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness.

 We want to help you amplify your journey toward health and wellness with our on line 4 Week Melt Away On Line Program.

Who Should Not Use This  Program:

  • This won’t be for everyone. If you are looking for a quick fix and want to lose weight for a short period of time on an unsustainable program, this is not for you.
  • If you are afraid to go below the water line and explore parts of you that are scary, it’s not for you.
  • If you want a detailed eating plan instead of healthy principles on nutrition, it’s not for you.



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