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14 Day Beginner Workout Kickstarter

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So often women start programs that they are never able to complete. Either the workouts are too long, too intensive or they just lose motivation. My hope is that you will start off small, with a manageable time frame of 15 minutes a day. That is it, just 15 minutes. It’s as easy as setting your alarm clock for 5:45am instead of 6:00am, not hitting the snooze button, and hitting play on one of the videos on your phone or computer.


I’ve worked with thousands of clients and what I know for sure is that if you can start a program that is manageable and if you can see yourself making changes, THAT will increase the belief in yourself that you can do it, and that change is possible.


Becoming A Fit Woman




You walk into your office with a confidence you’ve never had before. You’re carrying yourself differently. You stand a little taller, shoulders are a little stronger. Most importantly, you know deep inside that you are doing exactly what you need to in order to be the best you can be. You value health and wellness. Maybe you’ve seen your loved ones deteriorate, or your own mother give up on her body and health. Think how different this part of your life could be. Your energy is dumbfounding to those around you. Women your age are having naps in the afternoon, but you feel strong. You feel powerful. You have all the energy you could ever want for all of the things that bring you life: your children, grand children, career, new relationship, travel, spouse, hobbies.


Does that seem like an impossible scenario? It’s not. I have seen women’s lives change because they found a program they could live with and they stayed consistent in the process, whether they felt motivated to or not. At Move Daily Fitness, we know that you won’t always feel like working out! Who does? However, we can give you the strategies to have a fitness plan that you can incorporate into your life forever. Then, you just get to reap all of the benefits.  What are you waiting for? Get started today!

Who Is Tracy Steen of

Move Daily Fitness?




Hi! I am Tracy Steen. I made the shift into health and fitness 10 years ago when as a Marriage and Family therapist, I encountered a young woman who suffered from severe depression, and who was also obese. The coaching and counselling I gave her was around the ideas of fitness, nutrition and wellness. Do you know what? She changed! It is my philosophy that fitness be a lifestyle, not just an activity.  To get fit and stay healthy requires a personal effort, a personal program, proper eating habits and a positive mind.  What you believe about yourself is a vital part in achieving your fitness goals!  I want to consider all the obstacles that may keep you from healthy living, including your state of mind.  Sometimes the hardest weight to lose is the emotional and mental kind.

My mission statement is simple: If nothing else, Move Daily.


I have spent many years as a clinical therapist, and although my aim is not to provide personal counselling to my fitness clients, I do think that my expertise in the psychological arena will only serve to aid my clients in reaching their full potential.  I have a Master of Arts in Counselling, and an undergrad in Religious Studies from Ambrose University.  I started my journey towards becoming a Personal Trainer in January 2008.  I have attained certification in the following areas:

MA Counselling/Psychology

CFES Fitness Knowledge

CFES Weight Training Instructor Course, Level  1

BCRPA Personal Training Course

CFES Group Exercise Instructor Course

Current CPR Certificate

Current First Aid Certificate

Current Mental Health First Aid Certificate (**NEW)

Postural Alignment and Exercise Prescription

Currently enrolled as a Precision Nutrition Student –PN1

Speaking Engagements and Corporate Wellness:

CHBC Television – I provided nutrition segments weekly for 6 months on a health segment titled, Smart Moves.

TracySteenFitness Blogspot – a blog intended to inspire others to Move Daily.

Guest Writer for WelcometoKelowna.com

BC Cancer Agency – I provided lunch time learning modules for the staff.

Interior Health –speaker at their Education Day

Guest Presenter for Coreen Sol  – Financial Wellness Conference

Fitgirl40 – Youtube Channel with over 175 videos on health and wellness

Kelowna Kayaking Club –“A Fitness Plan for the Kayaker”

CLAC – Labour Association of Canada “Fit For Life” Seminar during Steward’s Conference. I also provided their website with monthly wellness videos.

Emotional Intelligence Coach for CLAC

Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School –“Nutrition for Kids- Eat the Rainbow” Seminar

Elevate 2016 Workshop -I created and spoke at this workshop that focused on taking a holistic approach to health.

Healthy Eating Revisited – I created and spoke at this workshop, bringing back healthy eating concepts and recipes.